Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's Been Pointed Out Too Many Times Before...But

......when I've been waiting so long for Celizic to write again, and he's not even that wrong for most of the article, it's disappointing. So I have to point out the one majorly dumb thing he's said. It's a story we've all heard before.

I was all for trading A-Rod before the season began. My reasoning was that he was never going to thrive in New York, and the Yankees could get a lot of pitching for him.

Before the season began, Alex Rodriguez had played 3 seasons for your beloved Yankees, Mikey. Any idea what his collective WARP3 was for those years?

Forgive me for asking a question about a sabermetric stat to someone who can't even grasp OPS, but it was 30.3. Alex Rodriguez has been, by himself, worth approximately ten wins to the Yankees every full year there. 9 A-Rods and replacement level pitching would win the Yankees 110-115 games per year. That's not THRIVING? Didn't he win some sort of award in 2005 for being the thriviningest player to thrive in the thriving American League?

Mike Celizic: casual Yankee fan that got a job somehow.

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