Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When Matt Vasgersian Doesn't Speak, Everybody Wins

Some of you may know Matt Vasgersian as the voice of the Brewers, from the Olympics, or even from his days hosting Sports Geniuses on FSN.

Or you're like me and you remember him from his stint with the XFL. His relentless coverage of the San Fransisco Demons or Las Vegas Outlaws landed him a sweet gig on FOX NFL Sunday. He's been calling football games with JC Pearson, who has been calling games for 10 years after his playing days were over. If Buck/Aikman is your A team, that makes Vasgersian/Pearson your F Team. And the joke begins.

The video quality is poor because I keep NFL game recording on a low setting so TiVo can record suggestions, (Who knew the 1980's Let's Make a Deal was back on GSN? Finally!) but for the 30 second clip, there's 5 seconds of Matt talking. Right when he stops, we find out what the Seahawks think about the illegal block to the back. At the 20 second mark, the parabolic microphone let's us know that somebody thinks they're cool.

The lesson that can be taken away from this little clip is always talk. Did you know Qwest Field gets loud? How about a clip of people throwing fish in Farmers Market? Cut to the fat guy who brings the Sea-Fence cut out! Say something - anything - to keep those of us without 5.1 surround sound guessing as to what's being said around a parabolic microphone. Say there's a flag on the field. Mention Mike Holmgren is yelling. One of these winless teams had to win - bring that up. Instead, I get to giggle at dirty words uncensored on broadcast television. Bring on the FCC fines!

[Breaking news - Marc Bulger just got benched for Trent Green. In future news, Rams are 0-4.]


cb said...

Me? I remember Matt "I live in my parents' basement" Vasgergian from those old 989 Sports commercials.

Larry B said...

Nice embedded video! Way to fuckin' be.

CitizenX said...

Yeah, that sounds about right. I look at this Rams team and think, "Marc Bulger - there's your problem right there. This team is a Trent Green away from being a SERIOUS contender."