Saturday, September 20, 2008

Complete Ignorance

Watching the ND/Mich State game. Two things have really, REALLY made me angry.

1) The key to the game for Notre Dame: "Win on the road." Thanks a bunch.

2) With 2:42 left in the first quarter, Notre Dame recovers a fumble. The color guy says "That's the 9th takeaway for Notre Dame in their first two-and-a-third games."


Football games are composed of four quarters.

The first one hasn't ended yet.



Tonus said...

Two-and-a-third would've been five minutes into the second quarter.


Larry B said...

At one point in the 2nd quarter, the ditzy sideline reporter said that the "story of the game so far" was the fact that MSU's players weren't sitting on the bench and were instead on their feet as they watched the game. Yep. That's it. That's the real story here today, folks. Guys not sitting.

dan-bob said...

The number of people in that stadium looked like the number of people in Calcutta!

Chris W said...

those announcers were brutal

a.) Just wondering, but where were the Notre Dame fans sitting?

b.) What was the name of that talented running back for Michigan State? I didn't catch it.

Tonus said...

Mike Ditka just made Aaron Rodgers his "game breaker" for today, because "this is the first game where he is going to really be scrutinized."