Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joe Torre: Still Smarting, Apparently

From Stephen A. Smith's piece about how classy Joe Torre is and how un-classy the Yankees are:

Nearly a year after his unceremonious departure from New York, the former Yankees manager's occasional body twitches and stoic demeanor pretty much validate the stinging effect a kick in the backside inevitably leaves behind.

So wait: Torre's body twitches reflect the fact that he willingly left his previous job? It seems to me that Torre gave the Yankees a reasonable kick to the backside, seeing as he turned down the offer of managing a pretty good team which he had taken to the playoffs twelve years in a row.

If I were a professional writer, I might drop "pretty much" from my repertoire.


JimA said...

Yes, a professional writer might drop the phrase "pretty much". But what would Stephen A. Smith do?

Tonus said...

The Yankees purposely made Torre an offer they knew he would refuse. Yes, that was kind of cruddy, but this is the Yankees we're talking about (more specifically, this is the Steinbrenners we're talking about). I suspect that Torre got over it quite some time ago.

Then again, none of this has anything to do with the fact that Stephen A. Smith is an absolutely atrocious writer.