Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apparently Broadcasters and Units of Time Aren't Getting Along This Month

September 25th game, White Sox vs Twins, Orlando Cabrera is on 1st base.

Hawk Harrelson: "Orlando Cabrera has 18 stolen bases on the year."

Darrin Jackson: "He's been sitting on 18 for awhile, gotta be at least two months since his last steal."

Hawk Harrelson: "It's been since August 5th."

Darrin Jackson: "So OVER two months!"
(emphasis his)

I have no words.

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JimA said...

To be fair, Hawk didn't say "It's been since August 5th, so it's just under two months." Nobody can reasonably expect DJ to do the math or analysis beyond saying "you're right, Hawk" or something equally stupid, like claiming over and over that the ump was squeezing Javy Vazquez Saturday when one borderline pitch went against him, or saying that Vazquez was telling AJ Pierzynski to bitch at the ump when it was clear AJ was chewing his pitcher out for his gutless performance.