Monday, April 21, 2008

That's Not An Excuse

Rob Dibble, on XM's "The Show" today, speculating as to why C.C. Sabathia is having a horrific season so far:

"And on top of all that other stuff, he saw a lot of his teammates getting big extensions this offseason, and maybe that messed with him a little."

Well, Bobby, if you made your living by talking about baseball, I'd expect you to know that C.C. turned down a four year extension rumored to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 million this offseason. Is that Barry Zito or Johan Santana money? No. Is it as much (or as many years) as he can expect to command on the open market this coming winter if his 2008 numbers end up resembling his 2007 numbers? No. But if Sabathia really wanted the kind of security his teammates were being given, is it a reasonable amount of money to accept? Definitely. So, uh, as the title implies: this is definitely not anywhere close to a good excuse for C.C.'s miserable performance in 2008. Rob Dibble, just say "fuck" on the air and get fired already. Wait, XM isn't regulated by the FCC? OK, just get fired a different way then. Pull a Harold Reynolds or something. I don't care.


larry b said...

And I'll get on the Simmons thing tomorrow. I was waiting until after tonight's Montreal/Boston game 7, hoping Boston would win and cause him to write something even more hilarious than what he put up today.

slwg said...

Don't give up hope, Simmons may still come up with 10 reasons why the Bruins were robbed.

Bengoodfella said...

I just love the fact they were shut out completely in the game. I think it is hilarious he says he is a hockey "widow." What are the odds in the 80's and 90's he was saying he was a baseball and football "widow?"

That way, when things start looking great again for his favorite team, he can jump right on the bandwagon because the unnamed event (or named in the event of a change in ownership) that occurred no longer makes him a "widow." It is hilarious as many times as he has knocked hockey and the Bruins, he just had to be a part of the winning and give his two cents worth on it, so he could feel like a winner also.

dan-bob said...

It warms my heart to see that label used again.