Monday, April 28, 2008

It's a Peter King Column- Who Or What Do You Think He'll Be Talking About

Did you guess puppies? Maybe impressionist paintings? A certain Southern gentleman who's been known to endorse inexpensive jeans? Hmmmmmm......

Quote of the Week V

"I'm retired ... Something's bound to happen.''

--Brett Favre, on The David Letterman Show on Thursday night.

Remember Chauncey Gardner, the Peter Sellers-played savant in Being There who made plain pronouncements that somehow world leaders began taking as life-altering parables? (You had to see it. Too complicated to explain if you haven't.)

Sounds like it probably wouldn't need to be explained if you had seen the movie. But thanks. Excellent journalism here.

Sometimes we try to turn things into Favreisms.

I don't remember ever doing that.

Too many things. The best thing we all can do -- and this comes from someone who has majored in Favre-ology --

With a minor in Romo-nomics!

I would like to immediately apologize for that.

is just sit back and see what happens. Favre doesn't know what his future holds, only that he's 85 or 90 percent sure he'll never play another snap of football.

Look at Peter, offering estimates and numbers and odds. I love it. Where did he get that? What was that number at back in March? Where will it be in August? I hope we get updates on it. Personally, I give Favre a 50%-ish chance of coming back. But I wouldn't say that to King's face, particularly if he were holding a hot beverage.

Ten Things I Think I Think

3b. Why is the lead item on the ESPN scroll during the first hour of the predraft show about Brett Favre appearing on the cover of the Madden video game? Other than pimping a sponsor, what remote news value does that have?

Why is he upset about this? Maybe because it reminds him that Brett theoretically won't be playing next fall? What a double edged sword any visage of #4 must be to King.

9. I think I've got two sporting bets on whether Brett Favre plays again. I say no. He'd better not play. I've got $3 at stake here.

Said with all the intentional insincerity of a guy who's like "Boy, I sure hope I don't end up dating a Victoria's Secret model at any point- she'd be making more money than me, and that would be awkward!"

This is officially the worst post in FJayM history, but I felt obligated to point out that Peter King mentioned Brett Favre three separate times in a column that came out the day after the NFL Draft. Now, to be fair, he also included a fair amount of draft coverage as well. And most of it was inoffensively mediocre. But shouldn't that have been enough subject matter for a column? Do we really need the Favre stuff, too? I would humbly argue that we do not. And by "humbly argue," I mean, write very poorly on an irrelevant blog that has four regular readers.


cb said...

You didn't mention it, larry, but King's gushing about Len Pasquarelli in that column was among the sappiest things I've read in a while. The only thing Peter forgot was the obligatory "I can't quit you" line.

Bengoodfella said...

Larry- not a bad post at all, I was going to mention similar things myself. I want to go on record as saying this site is awesome and has to have at least 7 regular readers at this point. Also, not including taste, I would rather eat pizza because ice cream is too cold. Now, if I did not include taste and temperature, I think it would be a dead heat.

Poor Peter King has failed to realize one important fact about Brett Favre's potential comeback: As of this weekend, only Peter and Brett's family really care if he comes back or not. I think that was proven on draft day when the Packers two QB's. So including three things about Favre is about 3 too many. Also, you would think that since King became BFF's in Afghanistan with Mike Rucker he would have something to say about his retirement, but alas, no retirement merits mention but the great #4.

Bill Simmons has a chat today! I debated whether to live blog critique his chat but my boss threatened to fire me.

Bengoodfella said...

I forgot to babble about two other things.

I regret saying this, but how pumped would I be if the Celtics lost to Atlanta? Especially after Simmons' ass licking of Rondo on Thursday.

Also, I have seen the term "Celtic's Nation" being bandied around the world. Fuck that, I am not ready for another Nation.

larry b said...

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, "______ Nation" cannot disappear fast enough.

Can't wait to read the Simmons thing- I'm really feeling like getting whipped into a frenzy of anger tonight.

Go Hawks!