Thursday, December 18, 2008

TMTMQR: Miniamalist Edition Video Supplement

Larry B's post yesterday brought up a trick play that I want to delve into a little deeper.

Again, here's Larry B's post from yesterday:

Sweet 'N' Sour Play No. 2: St. Louis ran a zany trick play on which wide receiver Dane Looker ended up throwing a pass to quarterback Marc Bulger. That was sweet. This being the Rams, the play only gained 11 yards. That was sour.

I wasn't aware every trick play was supposed to go for a 99 yard touchdown. Nice 11 yard gain, Rams. Losers.

Now here's video of that play so that we can see if the analysis provided by Gregg was correct, or by Larry B.

It went for 11 yards because Marc Bulger didn't want to get driven into the ground after he caught the ball. So while it might be depressing that a trick play only gained 11 yards, it was 1st and 15 from the Seattle 34 and the pass led to a short 3rd and 4 conversion that set up the last Rams touchdown of the day. In the 2nd quarter. If you watch the video again, you'll see Bulger run like a priss down the near sideline under the Rams Weekly oval.

Also let the records show that because of this play, Marc Bulger has a new found respect for how fast his receivers have to run. After 6 NFL seasons.


CitizenX said...

Uh, Jarrett, I'm not sure if you knew this because he hasn't brought it up, but Barry Lee is in Law School. LAW SCHOOL. Where lawyers come from? Yeah, maybe you've heard of it.

Jarrett said...

Law school? More like loser academy.

Larry B said...

Just trying to explain my lack of posting, X. Cram it.