Saturday, December 6, 2008

An SI football writer who might be dumber than Peter King

Meet Bucky Brooks, an NFL player turned writer. Surely he has a good idea of what the end of season awards should look like:

Offensive Player of the Year

1. Drew Brees, QB, Saints

2. Kurt Warner, QB, Cardinals

3. Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings

4. Clinton Portis, RB, Redskins

5. Michael Turner, RB, Falcons

Meh. I personally think that Adrian Peterson and his 4.9 ypc and 109.3 ypg on a team with no passing game deserves the #1 spot, but QB's always get all the glory, so blah.

Anyhow, we probably don't need to look at who Bucky thinks the MVP should be because I'm sure it'll be the exact same as his Offensive Player of the Year list. Oh what the hay, let's take a gander:


1. Eli Manning, QB, Giants (Ranking last week, 5):

[Insert derisive remark aimed at Bucky for his acknowledgment that Eli Manning is not a top 5 Offensive player, while at the same time asserting that Eli is the Most Valuable Player in the NFL]

If a quarterback is ultimately measured by his ability to win games, then Manning's ascension to the top of the MVP race should not be a surprise.

That may be how a GM or a fan measures his QB's ability, but in no way should that be a determining factor for an MVP candidate. Seriously, anyone who likes the idea that Kerry Collins could win the MVP award if the Giants lose once and the Titans win out, take one step forward. That's what I thought.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP has guided the Giants to the league's best record (11-1) while producing career-best totals in passer rating, completion percentage and yards per attempt.

I don't give a shit if Eli is having the best year of his career. I care how he's doing against other quarterbacks. Here's where he ranks in the following categories.

Passer Rating: 7th
Completion Percentage: 16th
Yards Per Attempt: 15h
Touchdown Passes: T-8th
Football Outsider's Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement: 7th
Football Outsider's Defense-adjusted Value Over Average: 8th

There's not one single metric that suggests Eli Manning is a Top-5 quarterback, let alone MVP of the entire fucking league. The Giants are a very good football team and should probably win the Super Bowl, but lets leave it at that. Now please give the MVP award to Adrian Peterson or Tony Romo before I barf.


Larry B said...

The Giants are a very good football team

Wait... what kind of team are they? What sport is this? WHO'S ON THIRD?

Nice "Manning sisters" label though.

dan-bob said...

Football Outsider's Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement

I've never heard of this stat before (kind of a football noob). How do they come up with it?

Jack M said...

Blow it out your ear, Larry.

Jack M said...


CitizenX said...

Hahahaha fuck you ridiculously talented Giants offensive and defensive lines.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Bucky sucks, but you suck harder.