Sunday, December 28, 2008

Son of a Monkey's Uncle, It Feels Good to be right

If you're a regular here, you might recall this post from about a month ago in which the douchily-named Gregg Easterbrook said this:

Sour Decision of the Week: With the score 13-13 in overtime, Philadelphia faced a fourth-and-1 on its own 22-yard line with 1:30 remaining in the fifth quarter and punted. But for the Eagles, wasn't a tie as bad as a loss? TMQ suspects that at the end of the season, that tie will effectively be a loss for the Nesharim.

And then I spent about 20 minutes explaining why this was stupid. Well well well, looky here. It's week 17, and the Eagles control their own destiny. Beating the Cowboys will give them a 9-6-1 record and a wild card berth. Just missing the playoffs would be the Cowboys and Bucaneers, both at 9-7. Now, had the Eagles gone for that 4th down in Cincinnati, missed it, and lost the game, they would be able to finish only 9-7 with a win today. And both Tampa and Dallas would still be 9-7 and both would have tiebreakers over them, meaning the Eagles would be unable to reach the playoffs. Meanwhile, had the Eagles gone for the 4th down, made it, and gone on to win the game, they would be... in exactly the same position they are now. What a sour decision!

Long story short: although things didn't work out exactly as I had predicted back then, Gregg was extremely wrong and I was mostly right. Nah nah nah nah nah. Just go back and read the middle part of that old post if you can't figure out what I'm talking about. Hot diggity damn, I am a genius.


Tonus said...

So... what will Gregg do?

1- Ignore his boneheaded comment after the Eagles/Bengals game?

2- Come up with an excuse that turns out to be even more hypocritical, lame, and idiotic than the original comment?


Tonus said...

Well, he almost admitted he was wrong. Then he got at least two other facts wrong. He ripped Detroit safety Roy Williams for taunting the Packers on Sunday, but Williams didn't play that day. He claimed that the last time an 11-5 team missed the playoffs, there was only one wild card team per conference. In 1985, there were two wild card teams per conference.

Also, he praised Bill Belichik for calling a free kick against Buffalo. Mister "winners never punt" praised New England for kicking the ball away on third down.