Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Hope Steve Young Dared Stu Scott to Do This

Working on a TMQR. In the meantime...

Because otherwise, Scott and his producer should be placed in a crate and mailed to Mongolia. After Houston's 30-17 win over Jacksonville last night, Sportscenter had a "transition shot" (or whatever you want to call it; a "fun" little cut scene they shoot somewhere in the city that's hosting MNF, and then show before or after commercial breaks during and after the game) coming back from break featuring a dude in SCUBA gear in the shark tank of Houston's city aquarium. Said dude was wearing a Santa outfit over the gear, and holding a Texans helmet. Take it away, Stu:

Saaaaaaaaaanta Claus is comin' to town!
Saaaaaaaaaanta Claus is swimmin' to town!
San-ta Claus was swimmin' (shoehorn this last part in to fit the rhythm of the song) intheTexans'win!

Douchechills. Nothing but douchechills.

Like I said, I really hope this idea originated with Scott's fellow MNF pregame commentator Steve Young. That's the only way it wouldn't automatically become the worst moment in the history of televised sports commentary.


Bengoodfella said...

This has nothing to do with the post Larry put up, but someone who is a White Sox fan please talk me into Javier Vazquez ASAP.

I need positive stories that make me feel good.

Chris W said...

blame it on ol' concussio

Chris W said...

ps: Javy has great K rates. Also, Pnoles is probably pissed he's been traded.

People say he's not a big game pitcher. I don't believe that, per se, even though it's undeniable he's had some epic fails with any sort of pressure on. I have a feeling, nonetheless he'll have success in Atlanta. I predict 3.75 ERA, 200+ K's, and 15 wins. I would be surprised if he didn't do that for youse

Bengoodfella said...

Thanks, I feel better now...a little bit. I just have looked at his stats and can't seem to get too excited for his arrival in Atlanta. As long as he is the #3 starter I think I will be ok with it. Still, anytime the Braves trade prospects now, I assume it is a bad trade.