Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Phil Simms, You Should Probably Just Stop Talking Now

Jets/Dolphins. Mid 2nd quarter. Brett Gunslinger drops back to pass, stands in the pocket, sees no receivers open, and heaves the ball down the field to an open area at least 25 yards from the nearest player in an attempt to avoid being sacked. The refs call intentional grounding. The following takes place:

Phil: And on the field, we have intentional grounding. Now that's a tough call. You know, what are you supposed to do? The receivers are covered! (incredulously) So now you've got to throw it "close" to the receiver? (screen cuts to replay) Nobody's open... here comes the receiver across the field who he wants to throw it to... so yes, he's avoiding the sack... but... everybody's covered!

Jim Nantz: Well, that's the rule about that, when you're between the tackles.

Phil: When you're between the tackles and throw the football away to avoid the sack, it is intentional grounding. I understand. But again... hey... (trails off)

Jim: Loss of down and 10 yards on top of it. Second and 20.

I know you said "I understand," Phil, but I think it's pretty obvious that you don't.


Venezuelan Beaver Cheese said...

Give Phil Simms a break. It's not like he's ever been an NFL quarterback.

cb said...

The media's excuses for Favre get more embarrassing by the way. What a God-awful quarterback.

cb said...

by the day*

Tonus said...

Simms is a pretty good color commentator, and he's usually willing to admit that he got something wrong. Maybe he figured that after that short rant, it would seem dumb to admit that he was full of it, dunno. Kind of funny though. "But again... hey..." might be his way of saying "SOMEONE HELP ME GET MY FOOT OUTTA MY MOUTH!"

Edward said...

Ugh...Simms is possibly the worst color commentator, Tonus. He constantly makes excuses for the QB. During the Broncos-Steelers playoff game following the 2005 season, he actually said, when defending a poor Jake Plummer pass, "You have to throw off your back foot against the good teams."

To borrow from someone's sig at another site, Phil Simms is a cretin.

Tonus said...

I think he's pretty good because he actually provides some useful info from time to time, and he is willing to admit he's wrong (which he did later on in yesterday's game, on another point). Yeah, he also provides some biased or plain old bad analysis, but most NFL color guys provide zero useful info, and they're also extremely annoying. Take "Moose and Goose" (on FOX, is it?)... god those two are bad enough to make you wish you were deaf.

Elliot said...

Thank you Larry for pointing this out. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed.