Monday, December 22, 2008


Word on the street (PLEASE keep in mind that this has not officially been confirmed... it is only a rumor for the time being... that's my disclaimer) is that this man:

is at least in some part, way, form, function, or capacity, a bit fond of this man:

Further details as events warrant on this shocking story. If it turns out to be true, all I can say is wow. Who saw this coming?


Tonus said...

That's a great shot of Kornheiser before the meds wear off.

Venezuelan Beaver Cheese said...

Go Dolphins (next week)!

Bengoodfella said...

#4 for the Packers...what's his name again? Didn't he retire?

pnoles said...

Did anyone hear his great joke during the broadcast?

"Stay glued to your seat or the governor will try to sell it."

Not only is that awful, but he worked PAINFULLY to find a way to squeeze that one in.

CHart said...

Did anyone not Kornheiser saying, on more than one occasion, something like:

"Listen to this Chicago crowd, cheering the defense. It's an amazing Bears tradition, fans cheering on this defense."

Yeah, totally. I've never been to a football game when the home fans cheer loudly when the opposing offense is on the field. ESPECIALLY late in games. This is revolutionary stuff.