Monday, August 25, 2008

Swedish baby wants his bottle?

Surely you've heard about the Swedish wrestler who refused to accept his Bronze medal after he felt there had been an improper ruling in his semifinal match?

Well Pat Forde has, and Pat decided to award Ara a bronze medal to replace the one he left on the mat in Beijing... except this is the bronze medal for biggest buffoon of the games:

Bronze: Ara Abrahamian (27), Swedish wrestler. Abrahamian was so displeased with his bronze medal after a controversial loss in the 84-kilogram Greco-Roman event that he took it off, dropped it to the mat and walked off during the ceremony. The IOC correctly kept it. No bronze for that baby.

Take THAT, you big baby! You should accept your bronze medal like a man, like Americans do! We would never refuse an olympic medal, you should consider yourself lucky.

Oh, wait, I forgot about these brave heroes.

And now it turns out the Swede was correct all along. From TBL:

CAS ruled that Abrahamian should have been given another round as a penalty awarded against him hadn't been assessed until after the second round of his 84-kilogram bout had ended. Abrahamian as a result automatically lost the match.

I fully expect Pat Forde to issue an apology. Until then, I suspect Ari Abrahamian will leave his biggest buffoon bronze on the proverbial mat.


Chris W said...

but what about that tae kwon do dude who kicked the judge in the face.

he should win a bronze metal for face kicking (as I assume Lemmy will win the gold and silver)

Tonus said...

It's funny that Forde would forget about the 1972 US men's basketball team, considering that he just spent a few weeks fellating Team USA and it's woefully underappreciated coach.

Head Werewolf said...

now that jay has resigned from the sun times, is the end of the blog upon us

Larry B said...

I think you know the answer to that question, Werewolf.