Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mariotti Fires Self; Blog Continues Existence Anyways

It's official, people. We finally got it done. Sort of. Not really. He's probably just taking some time off to write a shitty book and moving to Sports Illustrated or something.

Anyways, check out that picture in the link: what the fuck is up with that lighting? Is he holding a flashlight against his chest (pointing up at his face) and telling ghost stories?


dan-bob said...

Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of success.

Chris W said...

pugsey 05 wrote:
Jay is one of the few reasons that I read the Sun Times. He was the best sports writer in Chicago due to his insight and willingness to challenge the owners which few other writers are willing to do. I wish him the best.

Nice to see Jay's dad had time to post on the Sun-Times comment board.

Tonus said...

The comments are awesome. It's like 20 people who are happy to see him gone, and then one person who says that he was a good writer, then another 20 calling him names and saying good riddance. That's hysterical.

Bengoodfella said...

So are you going to rename the site, "Where in the World is Jay Mariotti?," do you want him to be fired from every job he current owns, or are you going to choose another sportswriter that needs to be fired? If so, I can choose a couple I think should be fired.

I thought success would taste so much sweeter, now it is just as if Jay Mariotti has gone underground and will strike when we least expect it.

Fred Trigger said...

I can offer a suggestion. firedanshaugnessy.com. I heard Mariotti is getting a job at yahoo, so its not like hes going anywhere. Just going to write stupid shit on a national level, I guess.

Jarrett said...

I think we should have a little more fan fare here... http://bastardlogic.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/mission-accomplished.jpg

(Of course you can't add pictures in comments, why would that be a good idea?)

And then giant "We did it!" banners scrolling with fireworks spinning out of them. And... and uh, carnival rides! Funnel cakes! Cotton Candy!


Jack M said...

Looks like we all go our separate ways now.

Me personally, I'm headed out west to take a job as a cat herder and maybe strike it rich in the gold mines.

Tonus said...

Cat herding IS a goldmine. Isn't it?

Chris W said...


Chris W said...



"But why didn't you throw him out? I wondered.

"This may escape Jay, but it's the question of dignity," says Cooke."


Bengoodfella said...

You and "Fire Harold Reynolds" can have a party together celebrating your achievements.

Though to be fair, Mariotti quit, he did not get fired, so until the day Mariotti gets fired I say keep up the good fight!

Jason said...

mazel tov, fellas.

Tonus said...

True, he didn't get fired. But if Chicagoist.com is right, then they probably didn't shed any tears when he decided to take his ball and go home.

They should fire whoever it was that signed him to a contract through 2011.

CHart said...

Who the hell is Jay Mariotti?

Martin said...


Jerod Morris said...

chart asked: "Who the hell is Jay Mariotti?"

Jay Mariotti is one of the biggest douche bags on earth, and Chicago sports will be infinitely better because he is gone.

If it were up to me, I'd have a parade celebrating his departure. This Ozzie Guillen would agree?

Jay Mariotti - He Gone! Parade

CHart said...

jerod morris-

No really, who is that guy? And who is Ozzie Guillen? What do any of them have to do with July 2nd, 2006?

Larry said...

Will you miss Jay Mariotti?

Yes 23% 2919 votes

No 76% 9269 votes