Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Easterbrook = Moronic

Many apologies to Jack, whose post I am burying, but that freaking Easterbrook article just killed me. In the paragraph immediately preceding the one that Jack rightfully shit all over (while I'm here... wow, does he really think that things can't/shouldn't be measured to hundredths of seconds?), Gregg managed to shit some more nonsense out of his brain. While talking about 

Medal counts don't have any meaning -- they don't tell us anything about the relative strengths, virtues or prospects of different societies.

Except maybe about the relative strength of their athletes or athletic culture as a whole. 

 Is Australia a significantly better place than Sweden? Going into Monday, Australia had 33 medals, Sweden three. Those numbers reveal nothing about Australian or Swedish society.

They're not supposed to. What that tells me is that Australia is relatively better at summer Olympic sports than Sweden. This is extremely simple. 

In related news, the Giants won the Super Bowl against the Patriots. What does this say abut the strengths, virtues or prospects of New Yorkers versus Bostoners?


Larry B said...

Thanks for giving me a head start- I'm tackling the rest of this tonight. What? Olympic timing devices can sense hundredths of seconds? PREPOSTEROUS

Larry B said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... I jsut read Jack's post. Aaaaaaaaaand... I'm a fucking dipshit.

Jeff said...

Wait, so I don't get to walk around Sweden punching men in the face and groping strange women at my whim without repurcussion?

What was the point of all this?

Chris W said...

to me, this is even more ridiculous than the claim he made in the post Jack covered.


Jeff said...

Larry not to crowd your turf, but I couldn't lay off the Batman/subway thing.

Jeff said...


Batman/sewer thing.

dan-bob said...

1. Iran just isn't a gold-medal country.

2. What, Armenia has FIVE bronzes by accident?

3. Nobody in Hungary wants it bad enough.

Tonus said...

In New York, sewers and subways are indistinguishable.

Larry B said...

In Philadelphia, sewage and people are indistinguishable LOL

-Average Dickbag NYC Resident