Friday, June 27, 2008

Yeah, Seriously, What the Hell?

Per CS's heads up from yesterday's comments. I don't read Deadspin anymore (although I probably should, because I'm getting sick and fucking tired of going over to The Big Lead and finding post after post that's basically a picture of a mediocre looking chick that he insists is a "Vegas 10", and then some horrible sports related prediction) so this slipped past me.

When? How? Why? That's really his? No way. What the hell?

Not that that post lights the world on fire, but at least 1) it's not about Boston and 2) it shows he has a sense of humor re: blogs and commenters who frequently eviscerate him. I'm going to lay off him for a couple of days now out of respect.


Bengoodfella said...

I read it originally and did not beieve it was him at all. So I re-read it a few hours later and could not believe it but it was actually him.

As a Simmons hater, I have to say that I enjoyed those 500 words more than anything he has written in the past year. This proves what has frustrated me all along. That underneath all of that ego, ability to tell what entire fan bases and people are always thinking, how he always just makes shit up, and all of his Boston talk...there is a writer that is actually more entertaining than anyone else on

This was like Jimmy Connors 1991 U.S. Open run, where I think this is the last good thing we will see from him.

Smitty said...

Yeah, that was the best thing he's written in years. And to be honest, while his draft diary had a ton of moments that pissed me off, it also made me laugh a lot more than his columns usually do. It was annoying because he doesn't know anything about the players being drafted, but it had less recycled jokes than usual and a few actually funny lines. I'm not sure whats going on here.

Tonus said...

I can't wait to see what he writes to larry b when larry lands that posh writing gig at Esquire.

pnoles said...

I've wanted to see a writer do something like this for a long time. And he did it really well. I don't blame you for wanting to back off him for a little while.

Mind you, JUST a little while.....

cs said...

I do remember at one point thinking Bill Simmons was entertaining. It was just so long ago, I couldn't remember how or why.

In honor of The Sports Guy:

See, Bill didn't change. We changed.

CitizenX said...

If you want to hate him again, listen to his podcast.

Apparently, interleague play sucks because sometimes bad teams play each other and because the confusing box scores make it hard to follow his AL only fantasy leagues. Also, Tim Lincecum won't be great because he makes weird faces.

It's been like 3 minutes of talking baseball, and I already am annoyed at him again.

AwesomeSean said...

I can't pile on too much because I'll read his next batch of columns and be amused by at least some of it. However, for a writer who has made his living on poking fun of everyone else's job performances it would be pretty bush to not expect some grief, graciously or good naturedly, in return.

Martin said...

Bill gets teh hate, in part, because he could be much better. He used to be much better.

Then the Red Sox won, the Pats have remained very good, and now the Celtics are champs again. He went from usually entertaining to obnoxious Boston-wagoner.

Simmons isn't Jemele Hill, who has never had game, but somone who was better then he is, should be better then he is, and instead became just a huge disappointment and ass.

His podcasts the last couple months show how he's just been mailing it in to ESPN, along with his columns. When John O'Connel of Complex Litigation, is the only part worth listening's time to stop the charade.

cs said...

Awesomesean - this a pro-Bill Simmons post. The dude put together some solid grade-A humor.

And I can't agree more with Martin. Bill could be so much better. SO much better. His Deadspin piece, while, as Larry said, didn't light the world on fire, was still entertaining and funny. It just makes me think that perhaps he's being censored just a little too much at ESPN.

All in all though, whether or not his style of humor is just too much for the WWL (and it's an interesting thought), he's still proved himself a huge fanboy and a pain in the ass to read when he's making ridiculous claims and generalizing the opinions of the sports-watching public with the thoughts of his six buddies from college.