Monday, June 16, 2008

Maybe You All Don't Find This As Amusing As I Do

I stole this picture from the front sports page of Really makes Tiger Woods look like an asshole.

Hey Rocco, I'm just gonna stand here with my big giant trophy and this smug little grin on my face while you watch your hopes and dreams get flushed down the toilet. Awwwww, what's the matter, Rocco want a trophy? Rocco want a trophy? Too fucking bad. Is that a tear in your eye? Let me lick it! Mmmm...delectable!

(Please read the disclaimer in the title again and again.)


Jarrett said...

You remember show and tell when you never volunteered to go first and the kid that did had the same toy as you, but it was the newer model that shot rockets? (larry b, I'm looking in your direction.)

Rocco should have gone first.

larry b said...

I would take a more adult viewpoint, and say that it looks like Tiger just told Rocco "P.S., I also fucked your wife."

Jarrett, we didn't have show-and-tell where I grew up. We only had dirt. And it wasn't even good dirt.

Jack said...

Pnoles has a bright future at Kissing Suzy Kolbert.

As for my Mystery Science Theater caption: "Thanks for the urn Rocco, I'll make sure your mother's ashes are kept plenty company."

Yeah, I went there.

Bengoodfella said...

"I actually don't even have room for any more trophies at my mansion, so I would give it to you, but it can only be awarded to a player whose wife was a model. Sorry, tough break...again."

Was that a Cartman South Park reference Pnoles?

Jake said...

"Don't look so sad. I'm Tiger Woods and you're just a shitty golfer who thought he could actually beat me. And than to top things off you wear the same outfit as me. What the fuck were you thinking? You stupid fuck. You should've just stayed in bed this morning. It would have been much less embarresing."

I'm a Tiger Woods fanboy in case you didn't notice.

pnoles said...

Ben - Yeah, kinda. Scott Tenorman! But I didn't want to completely quote it or anything.

Bengoodfella said...

That is probably one of my top 5 favorite South Park episodes, so I did not think I would miss a quote from it. That picture is priceless though.