Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Presenting: Punchlines that Write Themselves, Vol. 4

A lot of chatter lately about college football spying. Most of it is boring; this seems like a manufactured story just to keep college football junkies tuned in to media during the offseason.

But, hidden within the chatter, you can find the opinion college football's senior expert on morals, theology, ethics, and getting his ass handed to him on a regular basis:

"The truth of the matter is, name the profession where someone isn't seeking an advantage," Washington coach Tyrone Willingham said. "That's man's nature. When man bit the apple, that did it. Original sin."

Amen. Though, truth be told, poor Ty has been regularly dominated by coaches who seek the competitive advantage of working.


Chris W said...

Tyrone Willingham channeling Willie Stark.

Look out though--you just invoked the wrath of larry davley of the milwaukee state beers

larry b said...

I think the preposition you were looking for in your punchline was "by," not "of."

PS- Willingham never went 2-9 (at ND, anyways)

Chris W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
larry b said...

I bet that deleted comment said "WELL HE DARN WELL WENT 2-9 AT WASHINGTON, YOU DUMMY!" And then whoever wrote it realized I already thought of that.

dan-bob said...

Actually, the mistake in that sentence was that I used the indefinite article "a" rather than the definite article "the".

Also, the fact that Notre Dame got steamrolled last year doesn't excuse ridiculous moral posturing from someone who was demonstratably unwilling to seek even fair advantages.

Chris W said...

no larry, i thought you were talking about my prepositions, then i realized you weren't.

PS: Fatboy AND Skinnyboy share equal blame for 2-9 in my eyes, since Skinnyboy couldn't get off the Warren GC to recruit so much as a lineman or CB....and here's the worst part: Warren's not even that good a course!!!

pps: I bet willingham plays winter rules all year long, a la Judge Smaels. Advantages indeed!