Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ed Hardiman Baited Me Like A Month Ago And I Never Noticed

My apologies, Ed. Here's the trashpile of Ed's phony definitions of "slobbermetric" statistics.

Next to the top of the column, FOXSports leaves a link entitled "report this", so I obviously did.

Are you sure you want to report this content as inappropriate? FOXSports.com staff will investigate this content and deal with it as our Terms of Service dictate.


Optional: Please explain what the inappropriate content is,
or where it is on the page:

In this space I wrote....

"Dear FOXSports.com,

Ed Hardiman only wrote this column so he could appear on Fire Jay Mariotti, an excellent blog that makes fun of several "professional" writers that write for your site. He should be banned from ever having access to a medium that exposes his writing to thousands of people, because his complete lack of humor and intelligence causes neurons to explode. For the safety of the general public, his writing must be hidden from the view of all persons.

You really can't find the inappropriate content? Seriously? The entire thing is inappropriate and should be e-incinerated.



On the plus side, Ed, you had to look up the definition of all those stats you made fun of. My mission is accomplished.


Tonus said...

We're going to look back on this and laugh 20 years from now. Young folks will read about people like ed hardiman and Joe Morgan and ask "you mean those guys were REAL?"

No, son. They weren't real.

Bengoodfella said...

I have to hear if you ever get a reply or anything else from Foxsports on that. That would be super rad if you actually did get some sort of reply.

It's sad, but when someone says Joe Morgan, I still also think about the old ass manager for the Red Sox back in the early 90's.

Ed Hardiman said...


What took so long?

I was just saying Hi to all you guys...

As for reporting me, they never contacted me about it but I'd be happy to let you know if it has any effect.

As always a big fan of your scribble and site...I would have gone with "e-cinerated" but that's a style thing...best wishes...

pnoles said...

E-cinerated probably would have gone over better, yes.

Uh....I mean.....get the hell out of here!