Friday, May 23, 2008

Gregg Doyell: The Extra "G" Stands for Grotesquely Mismanaged Metaphor

Ok, so while the point of this post is to point out the world's worst execution of a poker metaphor in this Gregg Doyel column:

Pau Gasol? I know who he is. He's Craig Counsell.

Wrong sport, I know. But Counsell is my ace in the hole. If we were playing poker over the concept of Pau Gasol's greatness, and you led with the 18.8 ppg he averaged this season, I'd see you with Mike Dunleavy (19.1 ppg) and I'd raise you Gerald Wallace (19.4 ppg). You'd respond by noting the Lakers became this season's NBA front-runner only after acquiring Gasol. Fine. I'd counter by slapping down a Craig Counsell baseball card and laughing in your mystified face

I also want to point out how much respect the editors for Sportsline seem to have for Gregg, as evidenced by this bit of copy:

I guess they really bought into this column whole-hog


cb said...

I'm eagerly awaiting a Tim Duncan-David Eckstein comparison. Please, Gregg, don't disappoint.

Smitty said...

Good gravy that was a bad column. If anything, you took it easy on him by restricting yourself to his catastrophe of a poker metaphor. I know Doyle wrote the column just to annoy people so that he gets more page views, but I can't help it. Pau Gasol may not be a superstar, but he's not Craig Counsel. There's a pretty big gray area in between. I guess Doyle wins, because I'm a sucker for even arguing the point.

cb said...

By the way, could Gasol possibly look more like a monkey in that picture? It's uncanny.

Jeff said...

So we're ranking basketball player greatness in order of their PPG?

What a moron.

Patrick said...

Craig Counsell? Seriously???