Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bill Simmons now condensing anecdotal bullshit to 140 characters or less

From the Sports Guy's Twitter:

Just parked next to a Lexus with a Lakers flag sticking out of it. The city of LA with a 2-0 Finals lead redefines the word "bandwagon"

ZOMG, someone who can afford to buy or lease a Lexus decided to show their affection for the Lakers with an annoying car flag. That completely redefines the the word "bandwagon!"

(Note: I live in LA and have seen car flags for fucking weeks now. You seeing one on a Lexus now proves less than nothing. Eat shit.)

I'd like to apologize for saying the city of LA defined "bandwagon" with a 2-0 Finals lead. I meant "frontrunner." Please adjust your sc...*

Yeah, everyone knows that Red Sox Nation defines "bandwagon."
For the true definition of a "frontrunner," peep this and this.

*Simmons went over the 140 character limit. The cutoff word was "scorecard." Now cackle with the laughter that can only be summoned by a man who once wrote for Jimmy Kimmel.


cs said...

Remember all those people at the Celtics' games in 2007? That's when they broke the record for consecutive home sellouts, right? I mean, they still were selling out and they lost like 20 games in a row! And everyone was standing throughout the whole game too. Man, those Boston fans just stick with their teams through it all.

Martin said...

Living in LA, the Laker Bandwagon filled up about 30 years ago when we got Magic, and the damn thing has been full since. In no way would I defend them as "knowledgable" fans, but they are passionate. Every town has front runner fans, this isn't anything new, but I'd say of all the LA teams, the Lakers are the least frontrunnery. The fans are always there, not like the Clippers or the Kings, but I guess if they aren't consumed by the team from October 1st through June 18th, then they must be frontrunners.

Chris W said...

look at george, giving it to t-bone.

Tonus said...

It's great watching Bill go into full hypocrite mode over the Lakers.

Larry said...

You can buy a Lexus for like $30k. Where's the significance in that?