Monday, June 1, 2009

Jose Canseco Update

Just so you know: Jose Canseco got his ass beat in his MMA debut, lasting a mere 1 minute 17 seconds. Well, at least he made some money. Which was the point.

Here's the full YouTube video of the fight, which includes all the silly pre-hype and the entire fight, in which the 6-4 Jose Canseco looks like a toy poodle getting kicked around by his owner, the 7-2 Hong Man-Choi.

Here's a quote I never thought I would ever hear, spoken by the announcer of the fight [if you don't believe this, watch the video]:

"I've got to say, cerebral fight so far from Jose Canseco!"

Too bad he wasn't cerebral enough to last a minute and a half.

From the news article:

“That’s a big man,” Canseco said after the fight. “I ran into one of his left jabs and that almost knocked me out. You have no idea how scary it was facing a man that big.”

"But I'd gladly do it for a few thousand bucks," continued Canseco, " Really anything to keep me in the spotlight."

"Why did you run into one of his left jabs?" asked dan-bob. "Really, why did you even schedule this fight in the first place? Is money really worth getting ass-whipped in public, you has-been retreat?".


Tonus said...

Best part of the fight was watching Canseco take a jab to the face and suddenly realize that HOLY SHIT THIS IS FOR REAL!!!

Passive Voice said...

honest to god, is he unable to live off the book royalties?

dan-bob said...

He's cerebral!