Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate (chanted)

I think Chris W said it best when he linked me to this story: you... you have to root against this kid. Hard to say it but it's true. Don't get me wrong, it's very inspiring and all that. But if he does anything notable WE WILL NEVER HEAR THE FUCKING END OF IT. It'd be like if David Eckstein took a bullet for the president while laying down a World Series-winning inside the park home run bunt. No offense to you, Kevin Laue, but I hope you quietly complete your college career without achieving any level of significant success. And without ever playing in the NCAA tournament. Or on national TV. Ever.

Laue's story has already inspired many, and he knows that coming to New York will provide him with an even bigger stage. But he's confident his impact will be felt on the court, too.

"I'm a risk. Coach Rohrssen was willing to take it," Laue said. "He has no reason to worry."

I, for one, am terrified.


DyingCorpseOfJoeMorgan said...

'Playing hard is a skill,' Rohrssen said. 'Doing it consistently is another skill.'

You see what you have here is a man who consistently not only plays hard, but plays consistently hard. He reminds me of this guy I knew back in my Cincinnati Reds days. He consistently played with great consistency. He was consistently more handicapped though, seeing as how he consistently played without a brain, hands or legs.

But in all seriousness, David Eckstein >>>>> this guy. I mean David Eckstein plays without legs from the knee down or at least so goes the urban legend.

Elliot said...

I've got to hand it to you, Larry. This article was hands down the best I've seen you write. If I was there with you now, I'd definitely give you a hand with some chores around the house to repay you.

Sadly, with a heavy hand, I must say that most college big men could take this guy with one hand tied behind their backs. On the other hand, with his size, defenders will have their hands full in the post.

When this guy gets to the NBA, he'll be making money hand over fist. If that's not enough, maybe he'll be like Jim Abbot and try his hand at pitching for the Yankees. I'm not trying to give a back-handed compliment here, but this guy isn't going to be sitting on his hands when he's out on the court. He'll be taking a hands-on approach, and we all know that grit and determination go hand-in-hand with being a champion.

dan-bob said...

These might be the best first two comments on any post this year.

Tonus said...

Gotta agree with dan-bob. This is what happens when neither of the first two comments is from me!

Passive Voice said...

Bill Hader and Tom Brady had a baby and then cut off its hand and then punched it in the face a bunch of times?

yournamehere said...

I hope he hits the shot that knocks Kentucky out of the first round of next year's NCAA tourney.

But then again, I hope anyone hits the shot that knocks Kentucky out of the first round of next year's NCAA tourney.

Jack M said...


That's an extremely unlikely scenario because Kentucky would have to qualify for the tournament first.