Thursday, October 16, 2008

Politics, Bud Selig, and Nutley, New Jersey

At first, I was going to post about an article in The Hockey News about Sarah Palin dropping the puck in Philadelphia. The article was pretty bitter, bad, and overall a FireJay winner. But you don't come here for politics. You come here to escape politics. That's why I come here.

Well tough nails, Judy, here's something that could be construed to be political in a way.

You can stop if you want. If you want to leave right now, here's a story about how you lead a better life than this guy. I can say that my own Price is Right story ended in heartbreak as well, but I didn't go that far.

Larry declared this nitpick week, and nitpick I shall. In the course of a normal day, I use Firefox to browse RSS feeds from around the internet. Having just added a fabulous tool to Firefox to display all of the text in Live Bookmark headlines, I wandered on over to Ad Age. Here's the whole article:

WASHINGTON ( --Major League Baseball has moved back the scheduled start time of a possible game six of the World Series so Fox can also air the half-hour spot from Sen. Barack Obama on Oct. 29.

A network spokeswoman confirmed the buy and said MLB had agreed to the network's request for the delay.

Fox now joins CBS and NBC in airing the half hour program, whose content the Obama campaign has declined to describe. The decision means the Obama campaign is now spending close to $3 million to air the program from 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. that night on at least three networks. ABC didn't immediately return a message asking whether it too has now agreed to a buy, a move which would create an unprecedented roadblock of the nation's biggest commercial networks.

Fox had originally been scheduled to start airing the baseball game at 8:20 p.m. but is now expected to start the game at 8:35 p.m.

In other words, "Hey Jughead, didja hear? The Supreme Court reversed..."

Nothing wrong with that, $1 million speaks in the world of television. In fact, dan-bob has fantastically noted the intrinsic greed of television and money.

But sometimes - and I'm not saying that it happens here - the commenter comes through for a nitpicker in a pinch. Patrick Kehoe from chortle-worthy Nutley, New Jersey weighs in.

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Are you kidding me!!! Now baseball has gone political. This 30 minute buy is absolutely ridiculous, like we haven't seen enough of Obama and McCain. Hey Bud Selig, you suck! – Patrick Kehoe | Nutley, NJ

Yes, Bud Selig sucks. He's the reason that this time, it counts. Complain about Selig putting every LDS game on basic cable. Blame him for the Steroid Era if you want. But who is getting a cool million from Obama for 30 minutes of time here? MLB might see a little bit of it, but FOX is who you have a beef with, Nutley. Usually you can't get away form politics because it's every ad right now. Or because some loser in Missouri decided to post this to a sports blog.


cs said...

You gave Patrick Kehoe of Nutley, NJ even more internet time?


Jarrett said...

Because Patrick Kehoe of Nutley, NJ is a dip.

Chris W said...


Can't I turn on the tv or load my favorite sports website without hearing about Patrick Kehoe of Nutley, NJ again and again?

dan-bob said...

Major League Baseball: trying to get the black athlete since 1947.

Tonus said...

You just know that Patrick Kehoe of Nutley, NJ would've picked up Manny's 2009 option. Good old Patrick fucking Kehoe of Nutley fucking NJ. What an asshole.

angelin said...
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JimA said...

The Blackhawks fired Denis Savard. That fucking Bud Selig did it again.

cs said...

Yeah, that firing was nuts, but the resl story took place in the comments section of the article. Did you see what Bob Glantonhall of Cicero, IL said? He thought an ice cream cone should coach the team! NEW POST!

Anonymous said...

Bud Selig brought baseball back to DC...he can do no wrong in my eyes

Hell, Id even give him a kiss...and i'm not even gay!

Ryan said...

The only person from Nutley New Jersey that ever mattered was Balls Mahoney

End of story

Anonymous said...

Take it easy on Nutley, NJ. This is smalltown America at it's finest and if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all!

chefsoul1 a.k.a. keith taylor and Nutley alum!