Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Man Blows Goats

Guy who deserves his HOF vote....NOT! (Click Here to Erase the Memory of that Wayne's World Reference From Your Mind)

Here are the men who Corky (lol) Simpson thought were better HOF candidates than Rickey "Best Leadoff Hitter in Baseball History" Henderson:

Bert Blyleven
Andre Dawson
Tommy John
Don Mattingly
Tim Raines
Jim Rice
Alan Trammell
Matt Williams

What a fucking shitbag. And don't give me that "blah blah blah shouldn't be unanimous" or "blah blah blah first ballot" bullshit.

There's no excuse for this. This man is a piece of shit and should have his vote taken away since he obviously refuses to take it seriously.

Fuck this asshole.


Martin said...

I'm stunned that he can actually vote for Bert, some borderline/probably not picks, a personal favorite in Trammell, and two absolute non-HoF'rs in Mattingly and Williams. If he's smart enough to vote for Bert, and easy enough of a qualifier for these other guys, did he just FORGET Rickey was up this year? It musta been the bad crack.

Chris W said...

It's a fucking "statement" about unanimous selection.

There is no other possibility. He is making a statement that "If da Babe and da Big Twain ain't unanimous den no one shud be".

Only problem: It's a statement that it's none of his fucking business to make and by making that statement he is showing that he has no right to a fucking Hall of Fame vote.

Either a player is a first ballot Hall of Famer or he's not. This guy obviously recognizes that Rickey is a first ballot Hall of Famer, since, well, he obviously is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Since his job as a voter is TO SELECT HALL OF FAMERS, not "to make bullshit statements about unanimous selections" he is making a mockery out of the process.

What a piece of shit.

Jack M said...

You do have to admit that Corky Romano was kinda entertaining.

Bengoodfella said...

This is horseshit. Its not his job to make a statement about who should be voted into the HoF unanimously and who should not, its his job to vote for the fucking players. I really wish if a person made a mockery of the process for HoF (this includes all sports) his vote could be taken away.

This is a piece of shit thing to do.

Monty Ashley said...

I think it's not a statement about unanimous selections. I think it's worse.

I think he just didn't realize Rickey Henderson was on the ballot.

There's no way you'd just throw Rickey into the "Others honored with nomination this year and who may well be voted into the Hall of Fame" category if you were doing it on purpose. If he meant to exclude Rickey, he'd at least have made some smarmy statement about Joe DiMaggio or something.

Chris W said...

That's a good point. At the least he could have done a write up saying, "Clearly Rickey's worthy of the Hall of Fame due to the fact that he's the best player to come up for HOF voting in since Mike Schmidt. But since he's making it in anyway, I'm leaving him off my ballot to preserve the sanctity of Babe Ruth"

But he didn't. What a bum!

CHart said...

If Benjamin was an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and DICK.

Larry B said...


Bengoodfella said...

Larry, I am not sure where it came from, but that is a great Bernie Mac reference. Probably one of my favorite movies of all time...if that really counts as movies. All of the other bullshit that came behind like the Queens of Comedy or Latin Kings of Comedy can bite me.

Larry B said...

Corky Romano did it first, Ben. Maybe.

Bengoodfella said...

Hmm...ok, I missed that reference completely. No wonder it felt like it came out of left field.

patrick said...

Hi guys,
caught this in a KLaw chat today.

Eric (NYC): So Henderson wont be unanimous, but the voter who omitted Henderson DID vote for Raines.

SportsNation Keith Law: I've been swapping emails with the voter (Corky Simpson), and I get the impression that 1) he's a big-Hall guy and 2) he figured Henderson didn't need his vote anyway. He said Rickey is absolutely a HoFer. Now, I wouldn't roll like that, but there's some merit in the argument - I'd like to see a unanimous selection as much as anyone, but you don't get a bigger plaque for that, and he voted for three of my causes - Blyleven, Raines, and Trammell.

So, yeah. Dunno. Just throwing that out there.

Monty Ashley said...

Corky Simpson is now saying it was an accident:

Chris W said...


I don't have any issue with who he DID vote for. I generally support all those guys (except for Williams). But just no excuse not to vote for Henderson. Like I said before about the "unanimous" thing--that's not his place to decide. His job is to vote for who he thinks deserves the HOF. IF that's why he left Henderson off. IF he wasn't leaving him off because


He FORGOT? I some ways that's "better" but I think in like 99% of ways that's even worse than trying to make some hypothetical "statement"


Chris W said...


from that same article:

"Green Valley News staff sportswriter Nick Prevenas said he warned Simpson about leaving Henderson off his ballot when he filed the column, but that Simpson told him he ``wasn't a Rickey guy and that he would vote for him next time.'' In addition to the thousands of diatribes to Simpson's vote on baseball blog sites across the country, several hundred responses were posted directly to the newspaper's website under Simpson's column."