Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Short Posts!

Hey, holy buttfucking fuckbutting poop, did you guys hear the big news? (No link because none of the major outlets have a story up yet, although you bet your sweet ass they will soon.) The Cowboys' team plane departed late for games several times last season because of tardy players! Or maybe it's because Jerry Jones was late, which is what a separate report is alleging! FUCK ME SIDEWAYS! Doesn't this just change your whole perspective on the NFL, sports, and even the world as a whole? Isn't this super-relevant news?!?! I mean, especially two days after conference championship Sunday and three weeks after the Cowboys' season ended?

Wow! COWBOYS NEWS! I'm enthralled!

I hate the sports media.


Bengoodfella said...

Larry, it is the next day now. Do you have a follow up on this story for us? How late were the planes and what other types of dysfunction did this team display?

Martin said...

What kind of planes were they? Did they say? Did they have hook....um, flight attendents on them? Or was it bring your own?