Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why Do Writers Think It's Funny/Cool to Write About Outrageous Superstitions?

Some prattling from Ivan Maisel about the current misfortunes of #2 ranked teams

Let's think about this, Ivan.

Fact #1: In five of the last seven weeks in the college football season, the #2 team has lost to an unranked team.

From that fact, you can come to any of several conclusions, like:

1. The #2 teams lost because the #2 spot is cursed, and any team that inhabits it is somehow more suspect to an upset than the #3 or #4 teams.

2. The #2 teams lost because none of them are really all that great at football, and as a consequence they were vulnerable to upsets just like the other teams in the top 10. Yes, I'm talking about you especially, South Florida and Boston College.

Ivan Maisel, in choosing to come to conclusion #1, writes this zinger about Kansas (prospective #2 team) and their coach Mark Mangino:

It could be Coolidge. It could be LBJ. It could be LL Cool J. Whatever Mangino has to say, he needs to let everyone know that No. 3 Kansas does not care to be No. 2.

Calvin Coolidge + LBJ = LL Cool J! What a clever way to mix politics and contemporary music! You're an idiot, Ivan! And you close with this, about Oregon's prospects:

Best of all, they don't have to worry about being No. 2.

I'm sure all the Ducks fans across the country are breathing sighs of relief. Thank god they don't have to deal with all that stress of being #2!

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pnoles said...

LL Cool J case we need it later, right? =)

That string of 3 sentences with presidents / LL couldn't be worse.