Monday, November 26, 2007

Jon Heyman Is Trapped Somewhere In The Distant Past's Jon Heyman has been doing a very admirable job covering baseball's "Hot Stove" season over the course of the past couple weeks. He brings in plenty of new information about potential signings and trades every day, which is all very interesting stuff to a baseball fan like me. However, the slang he chooses to utilize makes him sound like he's still living in the mid 80s*.

[Kenny] Rogers is a talented pitcher. But he should stop taking business advice from Gary Sheffield, who's no Warren Buffett or Boras. Maybe Rogers and Sheffield could start their own agency for cheap players and call it "Knuckleheads Incorporated."

Knuckleheads? Really? That's the best synonym for "stupid people" you could come up with? Why not "Nitwits" or "Numbskulls" or "Bozos?" Keep up the good work, Jon. But please stay away from jokes like that on.

*This term may or may not have been popular 25 years ago. I'm too young to know first hand, and I know Mr. T used to say it a lot. So that's my best guess.

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pnoles said...

I wish he said "Blockheads Incorporated". I coulda gone for a nice Charlie Brown ref.