Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This Is Why We Prefer Jay Mariotti Didn't Write About Sports

Go ahead. Read this. It's very short, I promise.

I don't want to create a bunch of new labels for this specific post. But here are a few new ones I could easily tag onto it. Each one is applicable to many of Jay Mariotti's columns.

"Chris Duhon is not better than Kirk Hinrich"
"Blowing a small sample size out of proportion"
"hyperbolic crap" -- wait, we actually have that one
"One bad decision does not a player make"
"Player B, usually regarded as worse than Player A, played better than Player A last game. Therefore, Player B should start over Player A"
"Cleanup on aisle common sense!" (sorry, the Miller High Life commercial just came on)
"Marriage....the true cause of sports failures."


Chris W said...

dude...please stop linking moronotti columns--we're essentially just free advertising for him if we do

pnoles said...

I've internally fought with that issue many times. I guess maybe simply cutting and pasting that would have sufficed.

jones said...

"Hernias: how to get them, how to avoid them."

Also, you should just start linking Mariotti columns to this