Friday, July 9, 2010

Will Leitch: still annoying

Will Leitch wrote a rather innocuous article about the whole Lebron thing. I get that Leitch's whole thing is to be prosey and whimsical, but the way he ended the article is embarrassing.

And the fear is that we won't be the same. The fear is that we've truly seen the ugly, dark heart of sports, and we won't be able to come back. It feels extremely stupid to be a sports fan. It feels pointless. None of this felt harmless tonight. And we allowed this to happen. Perhaps this is what we deserve. Perhaps this will be good for us, all of us.

Let us all just hope everybody feels better in the morning. Some morning, someday.

Leitch infers the following:

1. Sports fans never really saw the greedy underbelly of American sports until "The Decision."

2. Now that sports fans have seen it, they will question whether they still want to watch sports.

3. "We allowed it to happen."

4. Sports fans will somehow be traumatized by all this, but hopefully, they will feel better "some morning, someday."

Shut up, Leitch.

Okay, yes, the whole televised special was a terrible farce. However, Leitch implying that this is some sort of transcendent event from which sports fans may never recover is astoundingly idiotic. Like some Yankees fan is going to turn on the TV today and say, "you know, I just don't know if I can stomach watching the Yankees because I know that deep down, some of the players are only in it for themselves and the money." Give us a fucking break, Will.


Biggus Rickus said...

I read that column, and I was actually kind of embarrassed for Leitch. Joe Posnanski, another writer I normally like, blogged on it and was equally overwrought.

The Casey said...

Yeah, it's gotten to the point where all the complaining about it is more annoying than the show itself. Here's an idea: if you think it's going to be bad, don't watch it. Crazy, I know.

Also, Posnanski kept talking about how LeBron was one of them (Clevelander) and how he knew their pain. I just don't buy that. LeBron rooted for the Yankees, Bulls, and Cowboys. He didn't give a crap about Cleveland sports. He only embraced Cleveland to the extent that he knew what it would mean for his legacy if he won a title there.