Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Memo to ESPN: This is Not Acceptable

The sooner crap like this stops, the less likely it is I punch a hole through my laptop screen. (And to be fair, it's certainly not just ESPN.) Here's a fucking suggestion guys: how about "Netherlands Wins." How about "Dutch Advance to World Cup Final." How about anything but using a painful stretch of a pun to reference a movie that has nothing to do with the World Cup, the Netherlands, Uruguay, soccer, or sports.

Cockgobblers. Stop trying to be fucking clever for a day or two and just give me some sports news. You don't need to spice it up and stylize it. If I want that kind play-on-words shit, I'll just watch some old tyme TV programs.

1 comment:

Chris W said...

Better Headlines:

"Dutch Van GOGH On To Semis"
"Uruguayan Home"
"Uruguay? U R Gay"