Friday, July 16, 2010

More Stupid Shit from Deadspin

This post on Deadspin easily wins the award for dumbest post on a major sports blog for the year 2010. Let me sum it up for you:

- Via semi-anonymous tipster, Kazi, Deadspin acquired a picture of (at the time) a midshipman football player who was grinding on a woman of a different race than him (the horror, the horror!).
- Writer(/Editor?) David Mathews decided not only to run the picture because it's hilarious(?), but also provide a short biography of the midshipman in question, including a link to linkedin profile. (hint: no one you know has ever heard of him)
- Mathews concludes by saying:

It seems that [midshipman] is a sharp guy, but he probably won't be running for Congress any time soon. If that's not [midshipman] in the picture, I'd like to send my sincere apologies to [midshipman] at this point.

Some random thoughts:

- What the fuck makes that picture even post worthy? Up until the moment this post went live, no one in America had any idea who this guy was. But now that we have a picture of him grinding on a girl, that's supposed to be funny? What am I missing?
- Just as I asked in my last post: why is his name and biographical information at all important? Is the difference between him being a supply officer vs. a cargo pilot really the difference between a slight chuckle and a belly laugh?
- Why shouldn't the midshipman be running for congress anytime soon, aside from his age? Last time I checked dancing, even of the "freak" variety, is legal and considered acceptable in the parts of the country that allow inter-racial marriage.
- David Mathews tops off this cup of shit by off-handedly mentioning that he can't even verify for sure if it's the guy who he says it is, so he's sorry for being an asshole if it's not the guy who he says it is. But if it is the guy who he says it is, then he's not sorry for being an asshole.

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