Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Memo to ESPN: This Headline is Still Pretty Much Unacceptable. And Fuck You for the LeBron TV Thing

Still dumb and unnecessary, although less awful than yesterday's. What is the obsession with puns?

Headlines ESPN considered but rejected (most courtesy of Chris W):

Puyol la Tengo
Don't Put it in my Puyol
Pardon me but do you have any grey Pu-yol?
Spain't no Doubt About it
No Spain, No Gain
In Spain in the End Game
That's the Sound of Men Working on the Spain Gang
Are you a Germaid? No I'm a German
Spain Washes Hands, Kills Germ(an)s
A Bunch of Deutsch Bags

All of those would be better.

By the way, read this, because it's (unsarcastically) awesome. And not much else needs to be said about this LeBron ego fluff special tomorrow. It's a fucking disgrace. Wojnarowski nails it. The only way that won't be the most pathetic hour of manufactured TV in history is if LeBron comes out, says "I'm coming back to Cleveland... JUST PLAYIN'!" And then Donnie Walsh comes out cackling with a briefcase full of money, and LeBron puts on a solid gold crown with a Knicks logo on it.


Chris W said...

War Wojnarowski

The Casey said...

Re: LeBron, you know Brett Favre is kicking himself that he didn't think of this first.

Anonymous said...

It's not just ESPN Check out the Boston Heralds Lohan headline

"How Lo-han can you go?"

"Mean Girl quietly flips off judge who sent her to jail"

Adam said...

Believe it or not Simmons put up a really good article this morning about LeBron. I actually agree with him 100%.

Basically he is saying that LeBron has no reason to go to Miami unless he is naive or actually silently unsure of himself and if he does he will become hated by fans of every other team in the league.

On a side note, here is a hilarious failure in headline writing:

Anonymous said...

Didn't the special net like $4 million for the Boys and Girls Clubs? That's hardly "a few foosball tables." I get what he means but he still comes off like a horse's ass in belittling that kind of contribution, regardless of its source.

Also I had no idea Jim Gray was even still alive until last night, but apparently the whole farce was his idea, at least at the outset.

Andy said...

Bad headline alert! The headline at the WWL today:
"Miami Thrice"