Sunday, August 23, 2009

Irony is Awesome

Two days after demonstrating that he has absolutely no conception of what the term "rally-killer" means, Jeff Francoeur decided today to go out and play a game of baseball.

For those of us that appreciate cosmic irony, Jeff Francoeur's performance tonight indicates that he has a deep and unique knowledge of what it means to be a rally killer - so much that he, with a mighty swing, managed to kill a ninth-inning rally better than any other man in baseball history.

Well done, Jeff. We salute you.


Larry B said...

Why didn't he just hit a home run? Oh yeah, that would have killed the rally. I forgot.

Elliot said...

Awesome. Good thing OBP doesn't mean anything.

Rich said...

He also made a diving catch in the game, but the umpires thought the ball had popped out, so it was ruled a hit. Francouer then argues with the umpire as Eric Bruntlett goes from first to third. Francouer finally realized the play was live and was able to hold Bruntlett to a triple. Mind you Bruntlett isn't Victorino or Rollins, so it's not that easy for Bruntlett to leg out a triple on what should have been a single.

Of course the umpires did confer and ruled it was a catch, but it was a good time watching Fracouer ignore the baseball game in order to argue.

Tonus said...

Whoa, just a second there Rich. Remember that completely losing your head and arguing a call while a runner circles the bases is a sign of a TRUE COMPETITOR. You would've thrown the ball back to the infield, right? You obviously have no concept of how to play baseball.

You're the kind of dick who would've hit a home run to kill a rally.

Bengoodfella said...

My favorite part was that he got traded to the Mets because he stunk and was killing the Braves team, and yesterday by hitting into a historic unassisted triple play he ensured the Phillies would win, thereby making sure with their win the Braves would not gain a game on the Phillies.

Jeff Francouer can hurt a team without even playing for them.

Elliot said...

I can't believe Ryan Spilborghs had the audacity to kill the Rockies rally in the bottom of the 14th tonight by hitting a walk-off grand slam. The nerve of some people.