Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bitter about the Reds' Recent Past, Immediate Present and Near Future, I Will Disparage A Hard-Working Ballplayer

From today's MLB.com preview of the Reds-Cubs game tonight:

"Taveras glad to be back in action"

Willy, I'm not glad that you're back in action. Your OPS+ is 47!

CINCINNATI -- Willy Taveras was more than ready to get back to prowling the basepaths for the Reds on Monday.

He doesn't prowl them very much, since his .275 OBP is 70 points below the league average.

Taveras, who had missed the previous five games with a sore left wrist, watched his team struggle to get runners on base and advance into scoring position. He was back in the lineup against the Cubs in the first game of the three-game series.

I wonder how bad he felt that he wasn't in his usual spot at the top of the lineup not helping get on base.

"It was hard," Taveras said. "I just want to be part of the group."

"It wasn't hard," dan-bob said. "I just want you to be part of any group that is not the Cincinnati Reds."

Taveras rejoined that group on Monday and was back in his customary leadoff spot.


"When I'm swinging, it feels better," he said.

When you're swinging, it feels better to the opposing pitcher, since it's probably at a pitch in the dirt... since you've only walked seventeen times in 377 AB.

In Taveras' absence, Drew Sutton filled in at leadoff while playing left field and went 3-for-12. Laynce Nix shifted to center field with Taveras out.

I guess I should complain less. Drew Sutton's OPS+ is 22 and his OBP is .208. But at least he has a small sample size of 23 AB! And he's making about two million dollars less than you, Willy!

Taveras, who was injured after being hit on the wrist with a pitch in his final at-bat on Wednesday against the Padres, is glad to be back.

dan-bob, who has been injured by the Reds losing thirteen of fourteen, is not glad that Taveras is back.

"We've been struggling, so I hope to use my speed and help this team win," he said.

Sometimes old baseball adages are completely wrong - "Tie goes to the runner"- comes to mind.

Sometimes old baseball adages are completely right - "You can't steal first base" comes to mind now.

"I hope to make contributions to help us win the ballgame."

I wish you'd started doing that in April.


Tonus said...

Hmm, a guy with a .275 OBP is your leadoff hitter? I wonder who could possibly be the manager of a team with a .275 OBP hitter in the leadoff spot...

PS- the Angels have scored more runs than anyone else in baseball. I didn't realize that letting Garrett Anderson go would have that kind of an impact. Then again, only five teams have allowed more runs than we have. Here's to "small ball!"

Elliot said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I don't miss Taveras "prowling the basepaths" of Coors Field, dan-bob.

Anonymous said...

Willy Taveras: the ultimate "un-clogging the basepaths" player. I mean you can't clog them when you never get on base, right?

Tonus, I'm going to add your hint to the news that a Reds pitcher needs Tommy John surgery.

CitizenX said...

Dan, I don't think the tie thing is an adage - I think that's actually just a rule.

Tonus, that's what getting great years out of Rivera, Morales and Hunter, along with adding Bobby Abreu for cheap will do. Figgins is always pretty good, Napoli can mash, and lookie-here! You got yourself a goddamn lineup.

Note that all of those players are getting on base very well. And none is really overly fast, except Figgins, which sounds like the name of a Shakespearean fairy.

I believe Larry B once played the role of Figgins in a band-camp production of A Midsummernight's Dream. He debuted to moderate acclaim despite his inability to hit the high notes.