Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes This Is Self-Indulgent and Yes This Will Piss Off Pnoles

Ok, so Nick Swisher was traded to the Yankees yesterday for and some minor minor leaguers. And I'm sure steam is shooting out Pnoles ears. However, I'm not here to defend or attack this trade on any level.

What I am here to do is attack some bad commentary by the (normally decent) Mark Gonzales.

By trading Nick Swisher, the White Sox cleared $22.05 million off their books over the next three seasons

Or, another way of looking at it is, they cleared like 5 million for 2009. That's, you know, probably a better way of looking at it, since, you know, this trade wasn't a salary dump as much as it was a player dump.

and slightly alleviated what general manager Ken Williams described as "having a plethora of outfielders."

I really don't get the snarkiness here. Between Quentin, Dye, Konerko, Thome and Swisher, the White Sox had, like, 3 corner outfielders and 2 1B/DH types. Swisher had prior to 2008, played like 80 games at CF in his five year career. He described himself as uncomfortable at this position.

So the White Sox, depending on how you looked at it, had 3 corner outfielders, all of whom, for various reasons, should be considered as "starting" corner OFers. Now they have two. You know, the number of starting corner OFers a team is allotted. I don't know how this only "slightly" alleviates a problem, or how that problem needs to be qualified as "something Kenny Williams is describing as extant."

The Swisher trade worked only for the first two weeks of the regular season and when he filled in at first base when Paul Konerko was on the disabled list because of a ribcage strain in late June.

Oh ok. Gotcha.

Swisher was by no means great for the White Sox, but he produced slightly below league-average offense as an everyday player for a team that made the playoffs.

But the trade only worked for, like, three weeks of the season. Because...why? He had a lousy batting average and struck out a lot?

But It wouldn't be fair to put the entire blame on Swisher because he was moved to center field and batted leadoff only because of Jerry Owens' groin injuries in spring training.

I don't even have words for this. I really don't. Is Gonzales really suggesting that an OF, left to right, of Swisher/Owens/Dye would have helped this team more than Quentin/Swisher/Dye?

Maybe I just don't understand what his point is.

It's ironic that Swisher and Orlando Cabrera, who is leaving for free agency, are gone after being brought to the Sox to provide production at the top of the batting order as well as a spark to a stoic group of veterans that lost 90 games in 2007.

Why is this ironic? Cabrera was a one-year rental, acquired mostly for the improved draft picks he'd yield if he refused arbitration.

Swisher's departure is unexpected and disappointing, being, as it was, the result of a disappointing 2008 season. But it's not "ironic" that a young player fizzles out despite being penciled in as a cornerstone of a franchise.

No. That's not ironic. What would be ironic is if Nick Swisher were called "The Dirty 30" because he was a clean-nosed player.

Or if he, like, had sex with his mother or something. Or if it rained on his wedding day.

Semantics aside, Gonzales is leading into this point, which I totally disagree with:

But this signals the start of a new era in Sox history, with at least one more veteran likely to be traded.

Not sure how resolving the glut of corner OFers means another veteran will be traded. Dye, for instance, might be traded. But there's no reason to assume Kenny's going to create a hole in RF. Because that's what it would be now. A hole.

Further, Konerko, as a 10/5 guy coming off a lousy year is damned near untradeable, and Thome is a 9 million dollar contract holder who can't do anything but DH for like 130 games out of the year. Who's going to take that.

Not that a trade can't happen. I'm just confused as to how the ironical development of a one year rental leaving town and a disappointing young OFer being shipped before he is untradeable signals this "new era."

Oh well. Fuck it. I'll leave you with some hard hitting journalism. Fuck it:

Swisher will have to adapt to the Yankees' strict policies regarding facial hair.


dan-bob said...

How did we go this long without a "white sox fan self-indulgence" label?

Chris W said...

I guess we just weren't being honest with ourselves (me and pnoles that is) when we were indulging our white sox fanitude.

Bengoodfella said...

I need to pay better attention, I was not aware the White Sox were looking to dump salary and that they had too many good OF's. I don't really like this trade for the White Sox but then again, I am not a fan and did not watch Swisher day to day.

Betemit is a good utility nearly every position, so that has to be helpful. Right? Maybe that is the good part.

Chris W said...

There are a lot of reasons to dislike this trade.

IMO it's a bit of a nonentity of a trade though.

I'm sure PNoles is upset about it though. Eagerly awaiting his reply.

CHart said...

Since today is the day that the "real" FJM died, it's nice to see bengoodfella busting out a classic Joe Morgan move of qualifying a statement because he hasn't seen Swisher on a day to day basis. Nice work.

CitizenX said...

Have fun watching Wilson Betemit play a below-average third base while Nick Swisher OPS, .925.


Chris W said...


Bengoodfella said...

Hey, I was trying to be positive about the trade. I think it sucks for the White Sox no matter what Swisher does because CitizenX is right, Betemit is the epitome of mediocre.

I did not know FJMorgan was no longer up though.

No more qualifying. This was a bad trade in my opinion.

Chris W said...

To whatever extent Swisher is a good player it was a bad trade.

Larry B said...

Mariotti was basically fired... the other FJM has shut itself down... is there any limit to our power? What's next, Simmons admits that he only cares about whichever Boston teams are winning and if the Red Sox went 70-92 next year he would stop following them?

Seriously though, if we announced that we were no longer going to post on this blog, I bet we'd get at least five emails begging us to reconsider.

Chris W said...

quality not quantity.

Ours would be from BenHoodYlla, citizen Sex, Fartin, Bonus, and PeeFart

pnoles said...

lol peefart

Bengoodfella said...

I do kind of like BenHoodYlla, I would like to change my blogger name to that.

I would send at least two emails requesting you to change your mind about shutting the site down. Then I would go on a hunger strike until you were back up.

Chris W said...

You would starve to death long before you'd shake the will of Larry B.

Or for the sake of rhetoric, Fairy She

CitizenX said...

I like CitizenSex, too.

Martin said...

Yeah, my name sucks. I don't want to be Mister Pink, why can't I have a cool name, like Mister Blonde?

Chris W said...

Fink comma Barton?

Jack M said...

Is Fairy She related to Gary Gayley?

Larry B said...

Shut up, Snack M&Ms

Chris W said...

I'll just save everyone the trouble:

Piss BubblePoo

Man Gob

Pee Holes