Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gregg Easterbook's incessant desire for teams to go for it is stupid

Minnesota 21, Green Bay 24.

Quarter: 4th

Time left: ~8:45

Minnesota ball, 4th and 1, on their own 40.

Easterbrook in his head: "Dammit, the Vikings have got to go for it here. It's only a yard."

Minnesota proceeds to go for it. They lose two yards. Green Bay takes over and is in field goal range less than a minute later.

I'm not trying to suggest that teams should never go for it. Rather, I'm suggesting that it's not always a good idea to go for it, and here's proof. Whatever the outcome of Green Bay's drive, punting it and pinning Green Bay inside their own 20 would have been the operative play.

UPDATE: Green Bay gained all of 19 yards and made a mid-length field goal. Minnesota is now down six and needs a touchdown on their final drive rather than a field goal. So, when you write TMQ this week, Gregg, and you complain about all the sissy teams out there, I will plainly request that you kindly shove it.

UPDATE #2: Adrian Peterson scores a touchdown with ~2:22 to play. Minnesota goes up by one. Green Bay needs only a field goal, as opposed to a touchdown on their final drive to win.


Frigidevil said...

And because Minny won despite this, easterbrook won't even mention this ever happened. Fuck him

Martin said...

Nono! He WILL mention it, and say that because the Vikings went for it, the Football Gods favored them with a victory.

Fuck me to tears.

Mack said...

now this is funny!
a BCS committee satire with chimps!

Jeff said...

Easterbrook turned this around IN HIS FAVOR in this week's TMQ.

Tonus said...

Yeah, that was pretty pathetic. Going for it on fourth down was a success even though they failed, because it fired them up for their next drive and led to a touchdown.