Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pardon the Idiocy, Part III

I LOOOOOOOOVE the "Odds" segment on Pardon the Interruption. It exposes Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon's total lack of understanding of the concept of "probability". Oh, and there was a very dumb Tony quote in the process. Quote as close as possible.

The question was: What are the odds the Minnesota Twins take first place in the AL Central tonight? Tony?

The Minnesota Twins are remarkable in that they lost Johan Santana and are still only a half game out this season, and they're one of the best teams in baseball in that regard. They've won the last two, they're playing at home, they've got the momentum, I'm percent.

1) The Minnesota Twins are one of the best teams in baseball at performing well after specifically losing Johan Santana. It's fair to say, because other teams have really tanked it after losing Johan Santana. Just ask the 1999 Quad City River Bandits, or the 2000 Michigan Battle Cats.
2) The White Sox should not even take the field tonight, because there is a zero percent chance they will win.

Searching for a voice of reason, we turn to Mike Wilbon, who says....

I like the White Sox tonight, I'm going with zero percent.

This is like the most highly regarded late afternoon sports program in the world.

ESPN, what kind of idiots do you have working here?

"The finest in New York."



CHart said...

So did we copy firejoemorgan, or did they copy us?

Just saying is all...

Chris W said...

fjm has posted a number of "duplicate posts" that we've already posted.

Oh well. It's a big old blogosphere out there.

For the record:

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So...uh...I guess, maybe you shoudl stick to making comments supporting Bill SImmons, C Hart, when you're trying to pwn larry and co.


AwesomeSean said...

As JackO would no doubt opine the Twins are in a great spot after fleecing the Mets and ridding themselves of that ham and egger Santana. Probability of winning the division is the same as CT being the greatest Gauntlet player eva. I will now set my Hills DVD set on fire.

pnoles said...

I 100% beat them to this. I typed it up literally like 2 minutes after they said it.

pnoles said...

Also, the verdict is in, and it's Kornheiser that should be fired for this. Wilbon was correct. =)

Larry said...

"The finest in New York."

I thought they were from DC?