Saturday, December 1, 2007

This is Nitpicky, But.....

Heyman has laid out all the possibilites for where Santana's going next year.

1. Yankees 2:1
2. Red Sox 5:2
3. Angels 10:1
4. Dodgers 15:1
5. Mets 20:1
6: Field
(which should catch all possibilities otherwise, but...)25:1
7: Twins: 7:1

Which leaves the remaining 1.64% chance that Santana either retires before next season, disintegrates spontaneously, or decides that he would actually be a better shooting guard than pitcher and that Kevin Durant really needs some help in Seattle.


Andrew said...

Way too nitpicky, I'd say. He obviously was cognizant of them needing to add up to 100%, but also wanted to have round numbers. Sure to be perfectly correct, he should have had 7.0055342:1 or whatever, but what purpose would that serve?

You can find some of these where the odds at up to like 85% or much greater than 100%. Pick those guys apart, not Heyman.

pnoles said...

I know, very nitpicky, wasn't really slamming Heyman or anything....

Matt said...

I call shenanigans. That's a blatant ripoff of Good Guy at Sports' schtick. See here or here.

Whatever happened to honor amongst bloggers?