Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Are The Reds Sure They Hired the Real Dusty Baker?

Because new Houston Astros manager Cecil Cooper is on ESPN being interviewed by Karl Ravech and Peter Gammons, and he sure sounds a whole lot like ol' Dusty. Here's the first ten or so words out of his mouth, when asked how he generically feels about his team's chances in 2008.

"We've got a very exciting team. We're going to steal some bases..."

Well, it's looking bleak, Astros fans. Your new manager's first priority/thing he's excited about is SBs. Hopefully he also has ideas about how to improve Houston's 4.68 team ERA and .330 team OBP from 2007. But he didn't really address that during the interview.


dan-bob said...

When they steal the bases, they aren't clogging them.

pnoles said...

Enjoy rooting for Dusty Baker....read Tom Verducci's latest column on SI.com.....he thinks that Dusty Baker will HELP the Reds.