Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

That's right, Merry Christmas. Screw "Happy Holidays." For all intents and purposes, Christmas isn't a religious holiday anymore. Nearly everyone gets the day off work. Few businesses are open. It's been secularized, and don't let any crazy people tell you any different. Of course, at the same time, let me also wish you Happy Hanukkah or whatever else you want to celebrate religiously.

Anyways, as I'm sure you could have guessed, posts will be few and far between here during the next couple days or so. That doesn't mean that bad sports journalism is taking a break. For example, I just saw a segment on Sportscenter featuring The Count from Sesame Street. He informed me that 21 is the Patriots' "lucky number" right now, because that's how many different players on their team have scored a touchdown this season. He also encouraged them to keep adding to that number because it would allow him to keep counting. Can't he find inspirational material anywhere else? And since when did PBS sell out to the NFL/ESPN? Anyways, like I said, this FireJay hiatus doesn't mean there aren't any bad articles out there. It just means that we are lazy. After all, these mediocre bowl games featuring teams that finished somewhere between 4th and 7th in their respective conferences aren't going to watch themselves.

Oh yeah, and thanks for all your kind words about my Jemele Hill post. I promise I wasn't fishing for them.

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