Saturday, December 22, 2007

Johnny "Red" Kerr Does His Best JoeChat Impression

I love Johnny "Red" Kerr. He's been the voice of the Bulls for a long time. He's also getting old and crazy, making him more of a Bulls fan than color commentator.

A fan sent a question in to the broadcast tonight (both quotes in this post not exact, but close).

Red, other than playing time, what factor do you think is the most important in Aaron Gray's development into one of the better centers in the NBA?


RED KERR: Well playing time is obviously the most important with a young guy like Gray, as he needs the experience. Gray already has the talent, no question about that, so he just needs to keep playing.

WAYNE LARIVEE: You like Gray, huh Johnny.

RED KERR: Yes, yes I do.

Red.....we're still waiting on an answer there Red. Red?

We seem to have lost him. Join us next time when Larivee helps Kerr dodge yet another bullet of a question by dumbing it down to 6-year-old difficulty!

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