Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't We Just Work Out A Compromise Where Roger Goodell and the Lawyers Kill Themselves?

Never mind that this piece of shit letter by known piece of shit Roger Goodell reads like one of those shitty Rick Reilly columns where he imagines how terrible baseball would be in some dystopian world where all the players were forced to take steroids and the pitchers were cyborgs or something. Never mind that. Just get a load of this:

For many years, the collectively bargained system—which has given the players union enhanced free agency and capped the amount that owners spend on salaries—has worked enormously well for the NFL, for NFL players, and for NFL fans.

For players, the system allowed player compensation to skyrocket—pay and benefits doubled in the last 10 years alone. The system also offered players comparable economic opportunities throughout the league, from Green Bay and New Orleans to San Francisco and New York. In addition, it fostered conditions that allowed the NFL to expand by four teams, extending careers and creating jobs for hundreds of additional players.

For clubs and fans, the trade-off afforded each team a genuine opportunity to compete for the Super Bowl, greater cost certainty, and incentives to invest in the game. Those incentives translated into two dozen new and renovated stadiums and technological innovations such as the NFL Network and

I almost feel like I'd be insulting your intelligence to explain why the above quote is so intellectually dishonest. After all, anyone following the NFL lockout even casually should be able to see immediately where Goodell is trying to treat us like we're idiots.

However, the risk of not making it clear why Goodell is a living breathing piece of shit is a risk I'm not willing to take.

You see how, above, Goodell outlines everything that is great about the previous CBA? How it is good, not only for the players, but also the league and the fans? Well, Goodell, on behalf of the owners, locked the players out SO HE COULD TEAR UP THAT CBA. The players are not the ones who want to change the CBA. The owners do. The owners want to change the CBA, because that agreement--the one that led to them earning $9 billion in revenues last year--is an agreement that is not financially sustainable for the owners in the NFL.

Holy shit is Roger Goodell--both individually and in his station as spokesperson for the piece of shit owners--a piece of shit

EDIT: Larry wanted me to point out another hypocrisy of this quote that was kind of beyond the purview of my post, but bears mentioning anyway. The thing about owners building stadiums...well they kind of "built" the stadiums the same way as if when you graduate high school your folks take you to the used car lot and let you pick out the one you like, then that means "you bought a car". There are more mendacities and douchebaggeries at the micro level in this letter by Goodell--including the idea that the NFLPA would ever request that there not be an amateur draft (quite the opposite, and you damn well know it, Roger). But that's beyond my scope right now. I'd love to see LB take a crack at it though.

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