Saturday, April 9, 2011

Morgan Ensberg's Perplexing Rage

Morgan Ensberg lashed out about Manny:

I am a Christian guy. There are a lot of emotions going through my mind as I type this. The most prevalent one is anger. Here is what I would like to say?

How could you? You coward! You are a fake and a cheat and now you want to retire? No way! You get back out there and you take the pain. You stand in front of the cameras and tell us that you are a fake. Tell us that you only care about money. Look directly into the camera and tell us that you don’t give a crap about baseball and that this was always about money! Look into the camera and tell us that you are so stupid and entitled that you are willing to put anything in your body if you think it will help. You took OVULATION MEDICINE DUDE. You were such a fake, that you put medicine in your body that helps you produce eggs for reproduction. You should have eaten raisins. I hear they help you think.

That is how I feel. Those are the feelings that make me want to lash out. But I am not going to say that. I am going to calm down and think before I type. I’m going to step away from the computer and think about what my actions mean. I’m going to walk into the living room and hug Beckett, Chase, and Ava. I’m going to think about my wife Christi and thank God for allowing me to have a wife who loves me. I’ll be right back.

I uh...there's just so much I don't know what to say here...Let's see what the internets have to say.


Anonymous said...

interesting coming from a guy who had a suspiciously big year during the steroid era and then fell the fuck off right after

JimA said...

Good thing he didn't say that.

Chris W said...

Sounds like Anonymous was GOING to imply that Ensberg took steroids, but was too much of a classy Christian to actually say that.

Rev. Ted Haggard said...

I thought he meant Laettner, so I just sort of skimmed the rest, but it seems like he's suggesting baseball would be better off if Manny had been aborted.

Chris W said...

Well, the Red Sox wouldn't have won any World Serieses in this century so it's hard to disagree!