Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rick Sutcliffe Spouts a Gem

Tonight's Twins-Yankees game got rained out. Consequently, ESPN aired a bunch of look-ins at various other games around the league - inspiring one ESPN head to encourage us to "see a few players you wouldn't normally see". Gee, it sure would be nice to see those players in regularly scheduled programming, instead of the usual Yankees-Red Sox-Cubs repetition.

But the best part came later in the broadcast, when Rick Sutcliffe began to describe the way winners help their team win in baseball. He said that these winners go into the dugout and say:

"I don't know if we're going to win this game, but we're not going to lose it"

Ladies and gentlemen, winners acknowledge the possibility of a tie.

Also, what does Rick Sutcliffe know about winning? He spent most of his career on the Cubs.


Chris W said...

thanks for burying me, d-bag

Chris W's Testicle said...

yeah, it took me hours to write those 5 sentences and now no one is going to see them

Chris W said...


Chris W said...

Also I'm pretty surprised my testicle posted that. I usually keep them both under pretty tight lock and key. I wonder if it was my right or left, so I know which one to punish with cell phone radiation this afternoon!

Chris W's Left Testicle said...

That post above is a fraud.

I've been here, sweating to death, all day - and my buddy next to me will back me up on it.

Now go get me some talc.

Chris W said...

I knew my hangers wouldn't step out of line like that as they know that if they do I'll just shrink them some more withPED's