Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm not just a complainer- I'm an INTERNET-BASED complainer

Big Simmons post coming later this week, hopefully later Monday. In the meantime let's all sadly shake our heads at Doris Burke. Burke is employed by ESPN as a sideline reporter and sometimes commentator for NCAA basketball. She only works behind the mic for a handful of NBA games every year- not because (sexist joke here), but because she says ridiculous, meaningless bullshit like this.

The scene: Friday night's Nuggets/Blazers game. New Nugget Danilo Gallinari has just completed a nice sequence of offensive possessions that included a couple assists and a huge dunk. Burke's response to the dunk (not exact words, didn't DVR, but it certainly stuck in my head when I saw it live).

WOW! This is like the scene in Remember the Titans, where the quarterback gets hurt, and the new quarterback comes in and he looks timid at first, but then he makes some big plays, and the one coach says to the other, "We didn't just get a player- we got a FOOTBALL player!" Well the Nuggets should be looking at Gallinari and realizing they just got a BASKETBALL player.

Words fail me. Maybe Trent Dilfer and Mark Schlereth know what the fuck that means, but I doubt anyone else in the world does.


Tonus said...

Gallinari's actions took an ordinary, run of the mill game and turned it into a BASKETBALL game!

Hey, I'm getting the hang of this.

Chris W said...

Nice remember the titans reference. It's pretty clear Gallinari's side of the court is the STRONG SIDE

Adam said...

Gruden knows exactly what it means.

Arjun Chandrasekhar said...

i gotta disagree with you here. i didn't see that particular game or quote, but i find that in general burke's telecats are very informative and insightful; she's well-prepared, articulate, knows her shit, and isn't afraid to express bold opinions. she's definitely better than 90% of the fucktards working espn's basketball coverage.

pnoles said...

Well-prepared indeed! She had a very clear understanding of what sport Gallinari plays.