Sunday, February 6, 2011

I know what you're thinking-

The big story from the Super Bowl has to be what a dripping, pathetic snatch Charles Woodson is, right? I mean- can you fucking believe that guy? Standing there on the sidelines, totally able to walk (AND I SAW HIM CLAPPING TOO I MIGHT ADD), hanging his team out to dry. Unbelievable. How could he do that? Why wasn't he in the game? I hope Trent Dilfer and Mark Schlereth and Jason Whitlock and every other diptard journalist out there who clearly knows more about the medical condition of a hurt player than the player himself or his training staff takes Woodson to task for his pussitude. I'm sure that's what we'll be reading about this week, right?

(insert gif of Jay Cutler sitting on the Bears sideline during the NFC title game here)


Adam said...

What happened to "you'll have to drag me off the field"?

I don't know if it is possible to play with a broken collarbone, but where is the line for injuries that are ok to sit out?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the line is somewhere between a torn MCL and a broken collarbone. Leaves lots of room for "experts" to pass judgement.

Maurice Jones Drew said...

Come on, man, you can play with a broken collarbone... I know 'cause I played all year with one.

Maurice Jones Drew said...

You mean he was really hurt?

Yeah, that's why I was just joking. Dumbass Florida fans oughta know that.

I mean my cousin sent that.

Or my twitter account was hacked.

Chris W said...

Yo CW: Karma's a bitch


Anonymous said...

Is there any living person more undeserving of his SB ring than Dilfer? Seriously?