Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rain-Abbreviated Sunday Night Baseball Liveblog

Why not? Not a lot else going on right now and the Reds pulled one out today... maybe Joe Morgan can give me some insights on what he plans to do to pull the Reds out of their lousy start to this season.

Looking at the Sunday Night Baseball schedule is, of course, hardly a national sampling of Major League teams. Really, it's just a way to give big-market fans more of a chance to see their team. Seriously, of the 24 teams featured in the first twelve scheduled games, only the Royals could be considered small-market. But that's business for you. On to the baseball!

Jose Reyes comes up in the bottom of the first. He's recently been moved to the #3 slot in the lineup, a move that has generated a lot of conversation:

Morgan: When you move to the third spot, they pitch you differently than if you're in the leadoff spot.
Really? More on this in a moment, but if there's nobody on base and two out, I don't think your approach changes much based on the lineup slot you're facing.
Miller: You sound like you've expereinced this personally, Joe!
Man, Miller sounds like Morgan's stooge here. He's just here to pad Joe's ego.
Morgan: Actually, I have.
Reference to his playing career #1: 7:27 pm CDT.

Bottom of the 2nd and some French guy at the plate:
Miller: Francouer's always been an aggressive hitter, but his mantra this year is "Be aggressive in the strike zone". Jerry Manuel's been working with him in the cage...
Francoeur: [swings wildly at a curveball in the dirt]
Francoeur: [swings wildly at a slider six inches off the outside half]
dan-bob: Maybe Francoeur should work on not being an aggressive hitter at all.

Luis Castillo at the plate in the bottom of the 3rd:
Morgan: When you've got a runner on second and you're hitting third, like I said before, they're gonna pitch you a lot harder than if you're hitting leadoff.

dan-bob: Why don't pitchers pitch them hard all the time?
[Reyes grounds weakly to short]

Well, shit, the rain in New York has prevented this liveblog from going much farther. Now this "ESPN" is nothing but repeats of baseball highlights and Mel Kiper's last glimpse of sunlight before he goes back to his hidden ice-cave for a long winter's nap.


Adam said...

That's why I'm starting to love MLB Network. Not only do they not have Joe Morgan, but they show a lot more games with teams that aren't force fed down your throat. It would be nice if ESPN acknowledged the existence of more than a handfull of teams. I get tired of Sunday night baseball because every game seems to involve the Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Dodgers, Angels, or Cubs. Usually pick two of those teams and that is your Sunday night game.

Adam said...

Oh and they actually talk about what happened in games and show highlights.

Dylan Murphy said...

Mel Kiper definitely takes winter long naps, but his hair has taken a 30 year nap. It literally has never changed. Ever.

SOB in CA said...

Francour is aggressive in the strike zone. He just disagrees with the umpires and the MLB rule book and the pitchers regarding the definition of the strike zone.

Jack M said...

If the strike zone is so important, why don't they show it on the scoreboard?