Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Again, It's Not Broken

I know we spend a lot of time on this blog bitching about things extraneous to currently-played big-league baseball, like the HOF and the All-Star Game.

But this seems silly.

Changes to the All-Star Game, based on recommendations by the Special Committee for On-Field Matters, were announced by Major League Baseball on Wednesday, furthering efforts to sharpen the competitive edge in baseball's annual Midsummer Classic.

Maybe they should sharpen the edge by telling the National League to win a few goddamn games. Also, none of these changes sharpen anyone's competitive edge, they simply allow more people to be recognized as All-Stars.

Starting with the 81st All-Star Game on July 13 in Anaheim, the changes include:

• The contest always will include a designated hitter no matter where it's played.

Why? This sucks. Like really. Why? I know I'm not really being articulate here because I don't want to get into the whole DH or not DH argument, but can't we just respect our differences as leagues and permit each to play by their rules half the time?

• No pitcher who competes for his team on the previous Sunday will be allowed to pitch in the game.

I recognize the rationale for this, but is it really necessary?

• Rosters have been increased to 34 players, by one slot designated for a position player.

Great. Why don't they call it the All the Kind of Good Players Game?

• A rule will allow one position player re-entry into the game if necessitated by injury.

This rule wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have some sort of pathological love of participation that impels managers to waste a lot of players on pinch-hits and one-out relief appearances just to get them in the game. If MLB really wanted to solve the problem, they wouldn't change the rules, they'd just tell the managers to stop the bullshit.

I wonder if MLB encourages managers to get each team's player in the game to hold the attention of (and the corresponding ratings and ad dollars) fans in weak teams' markets.

The procedural changes, agreed upon by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, come as the most significant alterations to the sport recommended by the Special Committee to date.

I realize I sound about eighty-eight years old when I say this shit, but really, if it isn't broke, then the Special Committee for On-Field Matters can keep its own Special Nose in its own Special Business.

Chaired by Commissioner Bud Selig and composed of longtime managers, executives and observers of the game, the committee was formed in December.

Thanks, Bud. Knew you were in on this somehow. Also, there is no rationale cited for the formation of this committee.

It previously recommended an off-day be removed from the League Championship rounds to tighten the playoff schedule, and the Commissioner's Office announced that change in March.


These also are the first significant alterations to the All-Star Game format since 2003, when the game was declared the deciding factor for which league hosts the World Series. That change, along with a roster bump from 30 to 32 players, was made in the wake of the 7-7 tie at the 2002 game in Milwaukee.

And which has resulted in a nuclear tsunami volcano of stupidity since then.

The rest of the article is just Joe Girardi just yokeling on about how these rules will make the ASG better.


Elliot said...

They change all of that, and yet keep the absolute worst thing they've ever done to the All-Star game. Geniuses.

John Foley said...

All these changes but they still keep the rule where every team has a representative. Great. Who are the Buccos sending?

SOB in CA said...

If they want it to be "competitive," then they should simply give a million dollars to each member of the winning team, including the coaching staff. Squat for the losers.

Adam said...

McCutchen. Not the one with the 13.50 ERA

Dylan Murphy said...

How can we be surprised anymore when Bud disappoints us?

Tonus said...

I like the DH addition, but none of this is necessary. There's nothing wrong with the all-star game. Wait, there's one thing wrong-- MLB won't stop fucking with it. Am I supposed to be impressed that these are "the first significant changes" to the game in seven years? Really? You shitheads can't keep your hands off the fucking all-star game that long???

cs said...

You know, I always thought a three game All-Star weekend series would be pretty cool. Culminating in a Sunday night 8PM game. Yeah, the AL could win Friday and Saturday, and although Sunday would be meaningless, is it any less meaningless than the current game played on Tuesday?

Baseball is unique in that no team plays another just once, its always a series of games. So why have the All-Star Game like that. Make it a weekend

Eddie said...

Anyone just hear how Joe Morgan tried to claim that stealing 3rd is easier than stealing 2nd?